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Our team

Our team of experienced interior designers, project managers and fitout consultants has developed a reputation for consistently providing quality projects to schedule and within our client’s budgets. We have a diverse portfolio featuring work for some of Australia’s most prominent companies, as well as start-up entrepreneurs and family business operators.

About us

Our approach

Our interior designs focus on creating unique experiences for your clients and customers, while maximising operational efficiency for your business. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients at all stages of the interior design and fitout process to ensure that our projects are guided smoothly and efficiently to completion and into operation.


We deliver interior design, fitout and project management solutions for the fitness, healthcare and aesthetic industries.

StudioFrenne is a specialist studio focused on providing high quality interior design, fitout, branding and construction project management services to the health, beauty and fitness industries. We have a diverse project portfolio featuring work for some of Australia’s most prominent companies, as well as start-up entrepreneurs and family business operators.

Our interior designs focus on creating unique experiences for your clients and customers that are tailored to your individual brand identity. At the same time, our projects always maximise operational efficiency for your business while meeting and exceeding stringent quality assurance standards.

Our experienced team of interior designers, project managers and fitout consultants has developed a reputation for consistently providing quality projects to schedule and within our client’s budgets. Collectively, we have delivered a significant number of architectural, interior design, branding and construction projects across Australia, with a focus on Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. Our specialist experience has given us valuable insight into the unique challenges of completing commercial fitout projects in the health, beauty and fitness sectors.

We operate in an open and collaborative way that drives transparency, enthusiasm, and creativity. We work closely and proactively with our clients at all stages of the interior design and fitout process, enabling us to provide tailored, cost-effective and high quality design solutions. A key aspect of our approach is the implementation of stringent quality assurance processes, ensuring our projects are managed to the highest standards. We prepare high-quality tender and construction documentation, and communicate effectively with our clients, building contractors other stakeholders to effectively meet operational requirements for your new space.

At StudioFrenne, our collaborative approach and eye for quality will ensure that your interior design and fitout project is guided smoothly to completion and into operation.

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Project roadmap

step 1

Meet and greet

At StudioFrenne, people are at the centre of our designs. The first step is where we get to know you and what drives you and your business. We will discuss your ideas, your vision and your unique requirements. We will then send you a detailed summary of your project parameters for your new fit-out. We work within your budget, large or small. This step is at no cost or obligation to you.

step 2

Project scoping and planning

We will inspect, review and measure your proposed site and begin exploring your design options in detail. We will also identify any potential site constraints, site-specific opportunities and authority approval requirements. We will report back to you with a return brief and initial space planning diagrams prior to launching into the next step of the project.

step 3

Concept and design

This is the fun part. We work closely with you to develop a design concept for your project. StudioFrenne begins each concept design with a strong focus on space and workflow. We plan your layout first to ensure that the end design is operationally sound and functional. Once we ensure the layout will work for your business needs, we produce mood boards and further concept sketches to integrate the front-of-house design. By the end of this step we will have agreed on the concept and clearly communicated to you the planned lead times, construction time frames, and budget.

step 4

Construction documentation

Once you have approved the concept design, we develop detailed construction documentation. These documents will be used by the building contractor and their subcontractors to complete the construction work on the project. This is the most important step in our process. High quality construction documentation significantly reduces the risk of time or budgetary delays once the project commences. StudioFrenne ensures projects run smoothly, and that you receive the best value for money.

step 5


StudioFrenne will take the headache out of the council approvals process. We will manage all approvals on your behalf so you can open your doors faster. We have extensive experience in the lodgement of development applications, CDC approvals, building approvals, and council consultation. We also manage the process of getting your fit out design approved by your landlord and required approvals from the health department.

step 6

Building contractor engagement

As a design studio with significant construction experience, we understand the plans, the building process and the legalities of contract negotiations. We advocate on your behalf to ensure you receive a final fit out that complies with the design and construction contract. We manage the process of engaging a building contractor. We can directly engage your preferred contractor, or can recommend reputable contractors to you for your project and run a competitive tender process on your behalf to ensure you receive the best value for money. Once we have selected a contractor, we prepare a construction contract for signing to help ensure the protection of your business throughout construction.

step 7

Construction management

We take a hands-on approach during the construction phase of your project. We represent your interests throughout the construction process and act in an intermediary role between you and the building contractor. We undertake regular site visits and communicate with the building contractor to ensure any issues are resolved quickly and appropriately. We will communicate regularly with you to keep you in the loop and ensure there are no surprises. We professionally administer the construction contract, including the assessment of claims and invoices, to ensure your fit-out is completed to a high standard.

step 8

Completion and on-going support

Almost finished! Your ongoing satisfaction is paramount to us at StudioFrenne. Following the completion of the project, we will assist you in arranging certification and occupancy certificates. We oversee the commissioning process with the building contractor, and carry out quality assurance inspections to make sure everything is ready for opening day. We provide ongoing support to our clients to ensure that your fit-out investment continues to perform well into the future.

Other specialised services

Environmental design

Biophilic design harnesses the restorative and energising properties of nature to influence the physical and mental wellbeing and health of visitors.

Commercial gym equipment

We assist in sourcing and selection of commercial gym equipment.

Branding and graphic design

We offer complete branding and graphic design solutions including logos, signage, menus and uniforms to create a unified brand experience.

Work Health & Safety

We ensure your fitout is compliant with building codes, WHS, health and safety requirements.

Tenancy and landlord liaison

We handle tenancy approvals and have experience with commercial lessors such as Westfield, Charter Hall, JLL, Meriton and Colliers.

Market research and demographics

We’ll help you work out who your target market is, want they want, and how best to use your fitout design to attract them.

Systems consulting

We source and integrate various business systems including POS (point of sale), inventory management, merchant services, CCTV and more.

Franchise masterplanning

We work with new and established franchise businesses to masterplan and roll out projects nationally.

Optimise workflow

We optimise front and back-of-house spaces to maximise efficiency, minimise risk, and create a safe working environment for your staff.

Minimise downtime

We deliver projects with innovative construction and staging solutions for fitout designs that minimise downtime so you can keep your doors open.

Visual Mechandising

Our designs integrate innovative displays, display cabinets, and shelving to display products and increase retail sales.

Gym layout planning and zoning

We are experienced in the development of gym floor layouts and zoning planning to achieve functional, safe and comfortable spaces.

Lighting and audio systems

We integrate effective audio, lighting and audio systems to create an immersive atmosphere for clients to amplify your brand aesthetic.

Noise and acoustic management

We are experienced in working with acoustic consultants and implementing noise and acoustic control strategies

National reach

We service projects nationwide and can work with your brand throughout Australia. We have significant experience in rolling out projects nationally.

Development Applications

We are experienced in preparing and obtaining council Development Approvals for fitout and construction projects.

Furniture and styling

We create inviting interiors using high-quality material palettes and styling choices. We specify art, planting, furniture and accessories to suit your budget.