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Kintsugi Spa

Kintsugi spa, our interior design concept for a new spa facility in the Sydney CBD, offers a tranquil massage space sympathetic to contemporary design. Our approach to spa design combines earthy materials and elements with a harmonious approach to room layouts to promote a therapeutic experience of peace and relaxation for all guests.

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness clinic interior design and project management.

At StudioFrenne, we deliver a range of health, wellness and medical clinic interior design and fitout consulting services across Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. We are a trusted partner to owners and operators of medical and dental practices, assisted care living facilities, pharmacies, psychologists, dieticians, physiotherapy and osteopathy, general practice, laser and skin care clinics, and other therapeutic facilities such as spas.

Our clinic and medical office interior designs are centred around creating a positive visitor experience and accommodating patients with diverse needs, while maximising the efficiency of your operations. We engage with our clients throughout all stages of the clinic design and construction process to understand and deliver against their specific requirements.

At StudioFrenne, we have a practical yet creative approach to healthcare and medical interior design. We believe that a thoughtfully-conceived clinic design can greatly enhance the care experience for both patients and staff. Our human-centred clinic designs incorporate diverse therapeutic modalities and accommodate clients of diverse ages, capabilities and diagnoses. We design contemporary, adaptable and functional spaces that enable high quality, individualised patient care while remaining economical for business owners.

We invest heavily in initial consultation, planning and strategy. This allows us to gain a deep appreciation for your unique brand and business ethos. We partner with our clients throughout the process, enabling us to provide tailored, cost-effective and high-quality solutions for medical office design and construction. By working closely and collaboratively with you, we will guide your clinic fitout project smoothly to completion and into operation.

A key aspect of our approach to medical, clinical and dental fitouts is the implementation of stringent quality assurance processes. This ensures our projects are managed to the highest standards. We prepare complete and comprehensive tender and construction documentation and communicate effectively with our clients and all stakeholders to effectively meet operational requirements for your new clinical space.

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Other services

Medical and health equipment

We assist in sourcing and selection of commercial health and medical equipment

Work Health & Safety

We ensure your fitout is compliant with building codes, WHS, health and safety requirements

Systems consulting

We source and integrate various business systems including POS (point of sale), inventory management, merchant services, CCTV and more

National reach and franchise masterplanning

We service projects nationwide and can work with your brand throughout Australia. We work with hotel brands to roll out projects nationally

Optimise workflow

We optimise front and back-of-house spaces to maximise efficiency, minimise risk, and create a safe working environment for your staff

Minimise downtime

We deliver projects with innovative construction and staging solutions for fitout designs that minimise downtime so you can keep your doors open

Biophillia environment design

Biophillia design harness the restorative and energising properties of nature and influence the wellbeing of mind and physical health

Branding and graphic design

We offer complete branding and graphic design solutions including logos, signage, printed documentation, and uniforms to create a unified brand experience

Visual Mechandising

Our designs integrate innovative displays, display cabinets, and shelving to display products and increase retail sales

Tenancy and landlord liaison

We handle tenancy approvals and have experience with commercial lessors such as Westfield, Charter Hall, JLL, Meriton and Colliers

Layout planning and zoning

We are experienced in the development of floor layouts and zoning planning to achieve functional, safe and comfortable spaces.

Furniture and styling

We create inviting interiors, with our material palettes and styling choices. We specify art, planting, furniture and accessories to suit your budget

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