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1 February 2021

Band of Barbers

The humble barber shop is seeing a modern-day renaissance, as more men flock to locations with unique designs and enhanced amenities that make a trip to the barber an experience.

StudioFrenne works with up-and-coming and established barbers across Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra to design lively, unique and high-concept barber shop fitouts.

The brief for this project – a new barber shop fitout in inner city Melbourne – was to evolve the traditional barber design to reflect a modern lifestyle. The design would pay homage to the barbershops of the past, while providing its patrons with a unique space that embraces a modern inner-city location and culture.

The resulting barber shop design concept involved stripping the space back to its base and embracing an authentic and raw aesthetic.  The stripped-back concept was complemented by custom-designed fixtures in high-end finishes such as marble, electroplated steel, bronze and charred timbers.

The design centred around the traditional barber station to provide patrons with the classic barbershop experience. Yet, every element of the old-world barbershop was assessed, evaluated, and re-imagined to enhance the customer experience while ensuring an efficient and practical set-up for the barbers themselves.

StudioFrenne worked to strike a balance between providing optimal work lighting for staff while retaining a unique ambience. Vintage industrial lighting was placed directly over the barber chairs, and all other lighting was achieved through an indirect accent lighting installation. A particular feature is the floating mirrors that sit within custom-designed electroplated steel frames. The frames have glowing light accents to provide optimal forward-facing light while avoiding unwanted glare.

The lifestyle concept embraced in this design included comprehensive amenities and service experience, but was also optimised to improve the volume of hair product sales. Products were moved away from their customary placement behind the counter to directly next to the mirrors, with detailed consideration given to visual merchandising. This allowed barbers to directly engage with patrons on the products.

This design reflects StudioFrenne’s unparalleled attention to detail, concept, and patron experience in its barber shop fitouts.

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24 August 2021


VeloFit is an indoor cycling gym design concept developed by StudioFrenne to express the concept of ‘immersive fitness.’ Part indoor cycling facility, part nightclub, VeloFit takes the workout beyond the physical and transforms it into an all-encompassing sensory experience. An hour in the studio won’t just get your client’s bodies moving, it will heighten sights, sounds, sensations, and emotions – giving a whole new meaning to a ‘full-body workout.’

This 40-bike space is set up in an amphitheatre style with a multi-tiered floor. The lends a sense of spectacle and theatricality to the client experience while providing practical benefits, giving each participant a clear, unobstructed view of the class leader and information screens.

However, the success of this gym interior design concept rests primarily on the quality of the dynamic audio systems, acoustic treatments, and lighting effects. These elements all work together to achieve a pulsating, full-body energy that propels gym-goers through their workouts.

The studio is flooded with neon blue light, creating a unique energy and ambience. Horizontal light fittings are mounted to the walls and ceilings. Dynamic lighting effects create a feeling of heart-pumping, propulsive forward motion, while spotlighting brings focus to the instructor stage and illuminates the space before and after classes.

Acoustic design is also critical: the installation of superior quality sound systems ensures a deep, resonant bass vibration that moves through the body, without sacrificing the clarity and crispness of middle and high-range notes.

The entire studio is controlled via integrated IT systems. Class leaders can fully control, program and adjust the audio, lighting effects, mechanical ventilation and fans, and information screens through an intuitive user interface.

The concept of immersive workouts is gaining popularity throughout the fitness industry. Group fitness studios are embracing the use of unique lighting, acoustic, and gym layout designs to enhance and shape the client experience across HIIT, weight training, cardio, barre and dance classes.

StudioFrenne is leading the development of the immersive fitness trend in Australia and is available to work with gym and fitness operators across Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra to develop and integrate unique, immersive sensory experiences into your gym fitout or fitness space.

24 July 2021

NHB Healthcare

Our goal for the NHB Healthcare clinic fitout project was to transform a large inner-city medical centre into an inviting space that communicated NHB’s values of inclusivity, equality of access and high-quality health outcomes for all clients. StudioFrenne developed a detailed clinic design concept for the centre that emphasised a sense of openness and inclusivity, welcoming clients into the space.

Upon entering, the client is greeted by a large, open, and warmly-lit waiting room, anchored by a central reception pod. The reception desk and walls feature custom-stained timber veneer panels with radius curves at the corners to soften the element. Gloss-stone bench tops were specified for the desk, ensuring a high-durability finish and quality touch point for clients.

Timber battening is used in moderation throughout the interior. This ties together various elements such as columns to the central reception pod and provides a welcoming sense of consistency. Wide, accessible, and transparent glass sliding doors lead to the consultation rooms, subtly reinforcing NHB’s core value of inclusivity among both patients and staff.

High quality and durable materials were specified throughout, recognising that public spaces such as healthcare facilities must maintain their durability over decades to ensure longevity of the clinic fitout investment. Materials were carefully considered during the design phase for their respective durability, ease of maintenance, and ease of future replacement.

StudioFrenne is pleased to work with medical practitioners and practice operators in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne to deliver detailed medical office designs and fitouts that promote modern healthcare values of inclusive access and quality care.

21 December 2020

Harnessing biophillic design for yoga

Interior design is particularly important in the spaces we visit to calm, re-centre and reset. StudioFrenne’s design of this Sydney yoga studio focused on the intersection between functional, environmental, and aesthetic elements. 

StudioFrenne brought strong elements of ‘biophilic’ design into the space to create an ambient environment for reflection, introspection and healing through practice of yoga.

Warm materials and soft colours were used extensively, with a particular focus on tactile materials, such a timber floors, that are warm to the touch and connect the clients to elements of nature. The use of lightweight sheer curtains allowed the visitation of air movement throughout the space.

This interior design focused on a double-height main practice space that is flexible and adaptable to diverse uses and class types. The design features new timber flooring constructed within the original building fabric. Existing building elements, such as the characterful walls and large timber trusses, were left exposed. 

The main practice space was positioned on the top floor of the building – away from street entry, reception space, and change rooms – and accessed via a new glazed staircase. This served to isolate the area from public and functional spaces to provide a sense of serenity and seclusion from the outside world: a space devoted solely to the practice of yoga.

Effective storage solutions were integrated throughout, ensuring space was presented neatly and without visual disruption. A small, elevated platform, dedicated to the teacher, also doubles as a functional storage closet.

Additional custom-designed storage was located around the perimeter walls of the space, and individual lockers were provided on the ground floor.

StudioFrenne understands the value of a well-considered yoga studio or gym layout design, and is excited to work with yoga and fitness operators in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney to deliver their next gym fitout project.

2 November 2020

Evolving the gym experience

StudioFrenne recently completed an interior design concept for the renovation of a Sydney commercial building basement into a change room space.

The design called for the installation of new banks of individual lockers around a centralised basin and mirror space, creating small hubs to provide users with a greater sense of privacy within a large central area. Existing services were left exposed through a metallic ceiling grid system to retain the original open quality of the space.

This design highlights an emerging trend in gym interior design towards an enhanced member experience.

Modern-day gym design has evolved a long way from a generic ‘big-box’ format. Gyms are becoming smaller and class-led, and members expect a more personalised level of service. Modern-day gyms and fitness studios, like hospitality and retail venues, have become all about the experience.

Gym operators and fitness entrepreneurs are tailoring smaller clubs to niche markets such as HIIT, CrossFit, spin cycling, boxing, martial arts, pilates, and specialist weight training. With the evolution towards niche gym designs and concepts comes a shift in thinking about what these new spaces should include, how they should look, and what kind of atmosphere they should evoke. Many operators are moving to boutique interior designs tailored to the specific needs and aspirations of their members.

The design of amenities such as change rooms, locker rooms, showers and toilets are, by extension, a part of this shift in expectation among members. Gyms are increasingly focused on the design and quality of their amenities to enhance the overall member experience.

Some facilities are providing holistic wellness services alongside their fitness model, showcasing massage rooms, lap pools, hydrotherapy spas, saunas and steam rooms.

StudioFrenne designs innovative, high-quality fitness amenities and spaces that capture an energetic atmosphere and member experience for your gym or fitness facility.

30 October 2020

Snap Fitness North Ryde

Snap Fitness is a major international fitness brand with over 2500 gym locations across 26 countries. StudioFrenne has significant experience working with Snap Fitness Australia to design and implement franchisee gym fitouts and conduct franchisor master-planning.

StudioFrenne was approached by Innovation Fitness to develop gym interior design and construction documentation for their new Snap Fitness facility in North Ryde, Sydney. The facility occupies a prominent first floor location in the newly developed Lachlan’s Line Shopping precinct in Macquarie Park. The 492m2 fitness space features expansive glazing looking out across the development and adjacent parkland.

Central to the project was the development of a practical gym layout design that supports staff and members. The facility was zoned into individual spaces, each accommodating cardio, free weight, pin-weight, and functional fitness equipment. An amenities zone with toilets, showers, change rooms, offices and consulting rooms was designed with a minimal footprint to provide maximum gym floor space, and was carefully coordinated with the existing building structure to reduce construction risk and cost.

The gym fitout was located beneath residential apartments, so acoustic investigations and planning were of paramount importance. StudioFrenne engaged with acoustic engineers, the lessor and the local council to develop a comprehensive acoustic engineering solution for the entire tenancy. The solution was designed to mitigate against any acoustic disturbances to the residential tenancies above.

We worked collaboratively with franchisor, franchisee and lessor teams to understand the unique structure of the building site to meet Snap Fitness requirements.

We also managed the Development Application and supported the client and building contractor throughout the gym construction phase to ensure the successful completion of the new Snap Fitness facility.

23 September 2020

Modern Dental Clinic Design

Modern dental practices are increasingly breaking away from a traditional, clinical dental fitout. Instead, practitioners are looking to use clever dental interior design solutions to construct productive, safe and welcoming healthcare environments for their patients and staff.

As one of the leading dental fitout companies operating across Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, StudioFrenne provides high quality dental office designs based on sound interior design principles and an appreciation for the experience of staff and patients alike.

Our designs will enable your dental practice to optimise your patient workflow, provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere, and deliver high-quality, individualised patient care. A well-designed clinical space can improve the care experience and reduce patient anxiety prior to examinations and treatments.

The waiting room and reception desk are critical to the patient experience in a modern dental practice. A thoughtfully designed reception area provides a welcoming first point of contact with patients, and creates a professional presentation. Our designs provide good visibility from the reception desk to waiting areas and ease of access to treatment rooms to ensure that patients are attended to promptly.

Optimising workplace health and safety for practitioners, staff and patients is of paramount importance to our dental clinic design strategy. We design treatment rooms with adequate storage for all necessary equipment, ensuring that dentists and dental assistants do not have to leave the examination to retrieve important items. Our dental fitouts incorporate diverse treatment types and focus on accessibility, ensuring that your clinic accommodates patients of all ages, capabilities and diagnoses.

A staff or breakout room, while often overlooked, is key to workplace morale. Hard working healthcare professionals value a space where they can decompress and connect with each other. Our dental office designs maintain a focus on staff wellbeing, offering amenity beyond simple meal storage and preparation functions.

If you are looking for a dental fitout for your modern practice, please do not hesitate to contact StudioFrenne to discuss your needs.

4 August 2020

Tranquility by design

StudioFrenne recently completed the design and planning for the fitout of a new spa facility in the Sydney CBD. The brief for this spa design project was to create a tranquil massage space sympathetic to contemporary design, embracing the use of warm natural materials to enhance the spa experience.

The new studio would offer relaxed, Swedish, thai and remedial massage, as well as therapeutic hot-stone, acupuncture and skin and facial treatments. A hydrotherapy spa, sauna and steam room would be integrated into the facility.

Our approach to spa interior design involved combining earthy material and elements with a harmonious approach to room layouts to promote a peaceful customer experience.

Each massage room was designed to be self-contained to avoid therapists having to leave during treatments and disrupting a sense of tranquillity. With ample hidden storage and a wash basin in every room, each massage space holds all required equipment, ensuring visual clutter did not impact on the clients’ experience.

Lighting was carefully considered for each room, with an emphasis on indirect light to provide soft glow and avoid glare or discomfort to guests. The spa fitout included a neutral, calming colour palette with natural, earthy elements used throughout the massage spaces. Overly bright or dark colours were avoided, as these can negatively affect a sense of relaxation.

Blackbutt timber was utilised extensively throughout the design and is featured on the floors and wall and ceiling battening. Wall and ceiling timber battens were backed with acoustic material to block external noise and absorb sounds within the space.

Sprung timber flooring was installed to provide a comfortable working environment for staff and allow for effective cleaning. We also ensured towels and linen were made from organic materials to enhance the sense of being at one with nature.

StudioFrenne works closely with business owners in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne to deliver luxury spa construction, designs and fitouts that promote a natural experience of relaxation and peace for their guests.

30 June 2020

The Salon

At StudioFrenne, our approach to hair salon interior design is underpinned by the creation of an unparalleled customer experience.

We deliver superior hair salon fitouts and interior designs that provide a special environment where patrons feel welcomed, relaxed and pampered in luxurious surrounds.

However, our professional salon fitouts also optimise the commercial performance of our client salons across Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. At StudioFrenne, we work with you to integrate your distinctive branding, hair styling services, and product merchandising to achieve your unique business ethos.

We were incredibly excited to produce a detailed concept and fitout for a new hair salon in Canberra city. This salon design features a natural colour palette, and focused on texture and layering in the selection of materials to create a visually interesting and tactile space.

The concrete soffit was left exposed with pelmet lighting to highlight the natural concrete surface. Textured plaster was added to the walls to further add patterned elements to the space. Metallic finishes to furniture, mirrors and fixtures, with soft fabric upholstery, complete the visual experience for the customer and add a touch of luxury to the space.

We custom designed full-height shelving for dynamic product displays, with integrated accent lighting around the perimeter of the salon interior. Design elements included plants to provide a sophisticated and fresh layer, while reducing noise from salon equipment.

We positioned lighting on either side of the mirrors to directly illuminate the customer’s complexion and eliminate shadows.

StudioFrenne provides practical salon interior design services specifically tailored for the hair and beauty market to create luxurious, atmospheric environments that put your business head and shoulders above your competitors.

19 June 2020

Human Centred Healthcare Design

At StudioFrenne, we have a practical yet creative approach to physiotherapy, healthcare and medical interior design.

We believe that a well-conceived clinic design can greatly enhance the care experience for both patients and staff. Our human-centred clinic designs incorporate diverse therapeutic modalities and accommodate clients of diverse ages, capabilities and diagnoses.

StudioFrenne’s designs will optimise your clinic to efficiently meet the needs of a broad range of clientele, enabling high quality, individualised patient care while remaining economical for business owners.

This concept – a physiotherapy clinic fitout in Sydney’s eastern suburbs – functions as a consulting, treatment and work space, catering to a diverse range of regular and fitness-industry clients. The design is practical and adaptable, with subtle stylistic touches to bring out a unique brand identity.

Timber floors allow for a combined functional treatment table and workstation area, with a cushioned vinyl flooring product and change room space. This allows for easy transitions between diagnosis, treatment and after-care.

The treatment area is a large open-floor space, designed for both manual rehabilitation exercises and treatments which incorporate physiotherapy equipment and technologies. The design utilised existing natural light while maintaining the privacy of treatment areas through the use of frosted privacy glazing.

Therapy rooms are soundproofed and privately situated to ensure maximum comfort and privacy for clients.

StudioFrenne’s physiotherapy and medical office interior designs provide contemporary and adaptable spaces to suit the needs of modern clinics across Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

4 May 2020

Success through design

To be successful, a skin care clinic requires more than just a reliable team and great service offerings. A client’s impression of your business and brand is conveyed in large part through the quality of your clinic fitout.

A well-considered clinic interior design projects your brand identity, conveys a level of professionalism and provides clients with a sense of your expertise to safely undertake healthcare services.

StudioFrenne often uses the concept of ‘biophilic’ design in our clinic fitout projects to connect visitors to the natural environment through the use of ambient lighting, earthy materials and natural elements. Incorporating these features into clinic design can relax and invigorate patients in treatment settings.

For example, the correct installation of properly configured light points can produce ambient interiors, providing an opportunity to calm the client and easily perform aesthetic treatments. Creating an ideal ambience in your clinic or salon fit out through soft furnishings such as carpets, curtains, upholstered furniture and acoustic ceilings can also reduce noise and assist clients to relax.

The first physical point of contact a client has with your business is typically your waiting room. Clinic waiting rooms are therefore an extension of the trust and comfort you are offering your clients. Waiting rooms that offer contemporary and comfortable furniture are crucial to making a great impression. Attention to the smallest details can make a significant impact on your salon or clinic interior and create a feeling of comfort, wellness and trust.

However, good clinic interior design also has a practical benefit to the everyday operation of your business.

Elements such as light fittings, colours and temperatures must be carefully selected in clinic design projects to allow staff to identify patient skin lesions, and enable the safe operation of treatment tools and appropriate storage of equipment.

Finally, materials must be selected to offer maximum hygiene and durability, delivering optimal value to business owners across the lifecycle of the clinical space.